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What you will find here are photos of a Secret government airplane that uses a drastically new type of propulsion system. It is based on the Biefield-Brown principal which was based on the work done by Thomas Townsend Brown in the early 1900s. He spent many years working on his concept and holds a number of patents related to its design. While he was never able to make the device efficient enough to levitate, he did manage to get his device to move in a circular path and as the device didn't have any moving parts this was an accomplishment.

As his device seemed to defy gravity it was given the term anti-gravity device. While he was on the right trail he didn't know what the generating equations were so all of his work was of an emperical nature. That has all changed now. The math describing the force produced by his gravity device yielded the answer to the efficiency problem. Now, that the force is understood mathematically it is much easier to build levitation devices that work extremely efficiently.

Until this secret plane had been photographed all of the stories about the governments secret work in building an anti-gravity plane had been all speculation. Now, the secret is out. The story as to how the plane was photographed and subsequently identified follow.

The story and pictures are real, as are the other facts related to this case. It all started in August of 1997 when my wife and I went out to the Four-Peaks Wilderness area to photograph the August 1997 Perseid Meteor shower. At the time we lived in Phoenix, which was far to bright to do any astronomy work. So when I wanted to use my 8" Celestron I would drive for an hour up north where it was reasonably dark.

The moon went down about midnight and the view to the north and east was BLACK. There was some sky-glow in the South West from Phoenix but the main point of the meteor shower was from the North East where the sky was very dark. The sky out west is really clear compared to a good night on the East Coast (which is where we were from). Even a poor night out here offered far better viewing than anything I had ever seen while I was on the East Coast, and this night was GREAT.

My wife laid back in a recliner with a counter (she would click it every time she saw a meteor and I would ask her what the count was every few minutes). This way I would have a record of the event. The reports were that this was going to be a good shower producing a meteor every few seconds at the peak which was between 1:00 and 2:00 am. Not only was it dark but it was quiet that you could hear each of us breathing six feet apart. Really a great night.

I sat up my telescope, mounted my Nikon on the telescope body, and the set up all of the rest of the equipment. I was going to take time-lapse shots with the Nikon to record a larger part of the sky than I could with the telescope alone. I was using a very fast color film that I had just purchased so I would be able to even see the faint meteor trails. With the lens I was using on the Nikon and the very fast film speed the fog limit, for a black sky, would be reached in about ten minutes. So I decided to limit all of my time exposures to under ten minutes and over five minutes (unless I knew that I had photographed a meteor trail).

The night went very quickly and the meteor shower was one of the best that I had ever seen. The next day I took my exposed film down to have it developed. I had it developed with special handling, and I told them that it was astronomical pictures and not to change the color tint or do any correcting when they did the prints.

When I picked up the prints an hour later I immediately saw that I had caught a really good meteor trail. But I noticed that there was a small black speck in the picture. I thought it was a speck of dust that got on the negative when they printed the pictures. So I went back and complained and they cleaned the negative and their machine and redid the picture. The speck was still there. So we looked at the negative using a magnifying glass and the clerk said - "it looks like you caught a shot of the space shuttle..."

So started my search to see what I had photographed. The great looking picture of the meteor trail had falled into obscurity over the thought of the new object. So started my adventure.

What I found was that the object was a small military plane that was propelled by no publicly known propulsion system.

What kind of propulsion system did it use?

It used a gravity plate design that had first been hinted at by Thomas Townsend Brown in the early 1900's.

Now, on to the good stuff.

A blow up of the plane is shown HERE. This is the plane shown in white light from the original picture. The stars are the large color globs around the plane. Notice how the plane seems to be sitting still in the air. This is an 8.5 minute time exposure and there is almost no bluring from image movement. The camera was moving siderally (as it was mounted to the moving telescope tube). The slight bluring seen is in the direction of the sideral motion again indicating that the plane was sitting very still. Also notice that the air around the plane is not distored like would be the case if there were a heat engine propelling it (a hot engine exhaust plume). If you look hard you can almost see the pilots head and shoulders in the cockpit. Upon digital image enhancement it was possible to measure the relative size of the helmet. This made it possible to fix dimensions to the rest of the plane.

It was interesting to note that in an under-developed image of the plane, taken in green light, that there were two areas under the wing that eminated a greenish light or glow. This glow can't be seen in a fully developed image as the glow is to weak to be seen unless the contrast is reduced. It is thought that this green glow may either be associated with heating of the plates or a high voltage corona effect. Normally one would associate a glow from such origin to be in the red part of the spectrum, but this was not found. This leave the thought that the glow is some sort of cold secondary effect produced by these plates during operation.

For those that would like to follow along with the investigation I have included the summation of the investigative report here: The Analysis. Most of the included pictures are shown (in thumbnail size only due to space requirements) in this report.

For those of you who have a good background in mathematics I have included a research paper that explains exactly what the force is that's being used in the government's Secret plane, and how it is produced: The Research Paper

It should be stressed that the forced produced by these plates is not from the Gravity A waves. These plates actually warp the space-time in their vicinity. They do not amplify the Gravity A wave that is present around all atoms. These plates if made as flat plates produce a highly directional gravitational field effect from the bending of the space-time in the area where the plates are orientated.

The gravitational force produced from these plates is identical to that produced around a black hole, except the force from these plates is much weaker then the gravitational force around a black hole. Otherwise I wouldn't be here to tell you about it.

How do I build one?

The plates are made from an exotic dielectric material that has to be case and cintered in a very special way. This process, while its been around for decades, is still an art. There is no guarantee that a batch of plates will turn out with the correct properties. The waste is very high and there are only a few companies in the world that can make them.

Another matter is that with our current technology the largest plates that can be made are only 6" in diameter. This is far to small to be of any use. You will need plates that are several feet in size. However, there is a way around this. It was found that by glueing small square plates together with a special glue and then coating the entire surface with nickel electrodes larger plates could be constructed.

Where does the power these plates produce come from?

From the research that was done (refer to The Analysis Report) it was found that as these plates work their temperature rises somewhat. While this would be expected just by the application of high voltage due to streeing of the plate, the temperature rise was more than would be expected from the stressing alone. The equations suggest that heat would be a by product from operation of these plates.

From analysis of the generating tensor equation these plates compress the space-time continium in the area where they are working. This produces energy, and heat is an energy. This energy comes from the other side of the continium where rarefraction takes place. This is a result of the conservation of enthalpy in any closed system - such as our space-time continium.

What does this mean in laymans terms?

That the use of these plates removes energy from another point far out in space, and the result is that the temperature in that far removed part of space is lowered. The average temperature is only a few degrees above absolute zero and use of these force plate will lower it a slight bit more, but the amount of lowering is insignificant as the envelope of space where the energy is going from is tremendously large.

The pictures presented here were scanned in from paper copies of prints made from the images. It was a lot easier to work with the paper copies instead risking damage to the first level of images. When ever the resolution of the paper copies was insufficient then either the negative itself or the first level of images were examined.

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