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Satellite Mineral Deposits


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  • Tutorial on Remote Sensing using Satellites 2300K
    This tutorial starts with the basics and explains what remote sensing is and how satellites are used to do it.

  • Using Satellites to find Gold ore Deposits 4400K
    This research papers is one of the easiest for the layman to read. On page 65 (the report page number) there is a false color image showing a Hydrothermal Alteration Zone. While this research was conducted in NE Africa the principals set out are valid for ore deposits all over the world.

  • Using Satellites as a Prospecting Tool 1400K
    This paper discusses Gold mineral deposits, Gossans with Gold mineralization and Gold deposits found in Alteration Zones. As the previous paper this research was conducted in Africa, as that is where the research grant money is coming from. The principals set out in this paper are valid all over the world.

  • Alteration Zone Mapping of Ore Deposits 3750K
    This research paper discloses a method for finding gold deposits by processing satellite images. As the previous papers this research was carried out in Africa. The brightly colored images are called "False Color" images because the colors shown can't be seen by the human eye.

  • Mapping Hydrothermal Alteration Minerals 8000K
    This research was carried out in Nevada in contrast to the above research which was done in Africa.

  • Exploration Methods for Gold Deposits 2500K
    This paper discusses the various types of gold formations and the use of remote sensors to aid in the discovery of new gold deposits.

  • Using Remote Sensing for Gold Exploration 9000K
    This paper is actually a Ph.D. Thesis. It is very detailed and covers most of the techniques used to process satellite images in order to locate new gold deposits. While this research was carried out in Africa the principals presented here are applicable worldwide.

  • Alteration Mineral Mapping 2600K
    This research was carried out in Peru. It discusses the details of the satellites used to located Hydrothermal Alteration Zones and advantages of one type of satellite over the other. It also has a table, on page 5, giving typical algorithms used to locate specific minerals.

  • Hydrothermal Alteration Mineral Mapping 1300K
    This research paper discusses using satellite remote sension to locate gold deposits in Hydrothermal Alteration Zones in Iran.

  • Remote Sensing as a Prospecting Tool to find Gold 700K
    This research was carried out in Africa and discusses the way remote satellite sensing can be used as a prospecting tool in the search for Gold deposits.


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